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3PL Central and Barcoding, Inc.

Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that impacts tens of thousands of organizations across the globe, helping them increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve their customers’ experiences.


We provide turn-key solutions designed for businesses deploying any of Extensiv's comprehensive omnichannel fulfillment platforms. We offer:
  • Mobility - Save the guesswork with our fully configured, ready-to-use scanners. You choose your devices; we handle the rest.
  • Connectivity - Never lose visibility in your warehouse. Our solutions keep your scanners connected to your Extensiv platform at all times.
  • Signage and Labeling - Experience the power of purpose-built labeling solutions and custom signage to keep your operation organized.
  • Managed Services - Ensure that each device you deploy remains fully supported.
See how Barcoding, Inc. and Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) work together