How Integrated Technology Supports Scalable 3PL Processes

Date: September 18, 2020

Businesses who refuse to adopt the latest warehouse technology can expect to lose half of all future revenue in the next 3-4 years. How does your warehouse compare?

In today's third-party logistics landscape, warehouses are under immense pressure to diversify in order to capitalize on new opportunities. When compared to this time last year, warehouses are seeing a 56% increase in order volume which can only mean the race to meet growing consumer demands is on. With a variety of new technologies for shopping carts, order management, marketplaces, etc., knowing how to scale your operations effectively has become the ultimate challenge.

As innovative channels continue to develop, 3PL warehouses looking to take advantage of these new opportunities must have the right technology and integrations in order to differentiate their customer experience, shipping needs, and reporting metrics from competitors. If that’s not reason enough, it is estimated that businesses who do not embrace the latest technology could lose almost half of all future revenue over the next 3-4 years.

Access the recording of the live webinar with 3pl experts to learn: 

  • Which best practices and plug & play technologies benefit your customers.
  • The importance of warehouse technology flexibility and scalability.
  • The benefits of selecting the right technology and partners.
  • The value of serving the customer’s customer.



Chelsea Mori
Director of Marketing
3PL Central


Steven Northman
President/ Principal 
NEXgistics, LLC

Brandon Burn
Director of Business Development
3PL Central
Reg Adams
Vice President


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