Scaling Your 3PL with Ecommerce Connectivity Webinar

Date: May 20, 2020

With ecommerce orders up 37% in April 2020, buying behaviors are changing drastically and 3PLs have a very short window to build a seamless experience for their customers.

However, switching to ecommerce require more than just the physical infrastructure to fulfill. Building a seamless experience for your customer is required, and that can’t happen without seamless integrations and effective data transfer throughout the experience. Watch our on-demand webinar to map your ecommerce strategy and build an interconnected system for efficient and effective ecommerce fulfillment.

In this Webinar, You WILL LEARN:

  • How ecommerce drives demand for 3PLs
  • How to leverage shopping cart connections
  • How to connect your WMS for an optimized workflow
  • How to integrate with small parcel carriers for a seamless experience 


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louis-rochette-sales-engineer-headshot-3pl Louis Rochette, Sales Engineer
3PL Central


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