What Every 3PL Should Know About Ecommerce Fulfillment

Best practices for implementing an ecommerce strategy


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Today's third-party logistics (3PLs) warehouse businesses are booming and many have discovered numerous opportunities for growth. While these opportunities have allowed many 3PL to increase their customer base, it has also lead to bottlenecks with inbound and outbound processes. In many cases, these manual and paper-driven workflows stop warehouses from being able to scale as needed.

One of the best ways to improve efficiency and accuracy is to implement mobile barcode scanning. By using the power of mobile scanning, your 3PL will be able to record everything from receiving to shipping and remove costly errors while still meeting rising customer demands.

Delivery driver loading his van with boxes outside the warehouse

Watch now and learn what your warehouse will need to know when implementing an ecommerce strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Ecommerce processes and KPIs to measure success
  •  Connectivity requirements for your warehouse
  • Strategies to keep your warehouse competitive

Don’t miss this webinar if your warehouse is looking to grow or enhance your ecommerce fulfillment strategy.

Webinar Speakers

Seth Zellner

Seth Zellner

Solution Engineering at 3PL Central
Chelsea Mori

Chelsea Mori

Director of Marketing at 3PL Central