3PL Central Best Practices: Introducing SmartDock

With the exponential surge in consumer demand for essential products, 3PL warehouses are under more pressure than ever to increase efficiencies across operations.

Learn how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in carrier fees.

In today’s highly competitive warehouse logistics market, warehouse managers recognize the need to keep operational costs low in order to maintain their margins. One cost lever that warehouse managers can control is the fees caused by inefficient dock scheduling. 3PLs have saved thousands of dollars per month using automated dock scheduling tools.

We invite you to watch our webinar introducing SmartDock, an efficient dock scheduling solution for third-party logistics warehouses that is integrated with 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS.


In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Dock scheduling market trends & challenges, including expensive detention fees and operational inefficiencies from overbooking dock appointments
  • How to schedule appointments in seconds with SmartDock and reduce time spent on manual appointment management by up to 90%
  • How warehouses can empower carriers to manage their own appointments with SmartDock’s carrier self-service portal
  • How to automate dock scheduling rules to prevent overbooking appointments and overextending labor
  • SmartDock Demonstration

Download the on-demand recording and learn how to decrease the time customer service representatives spend on appointment management by up to 90% with a self-service dock scheduling portal. 


Download the on-demand recording