Webinar: How Ottawa Logistics Made the Move to Ecommerce

Date: February 26, 2020

In 2018, e-commerce grew 14.2% reaching $517.36 billion. In fact, more than 165 billion e-commerce packages were shipped in 2018 alone. In this dynamic environment, e-commerce strategies have become a must-have for expanding third-party logistics warehouses looking to take advantage of this growing marketplace.

For Ottawa Logistics Fulfillment, they saw an opportunity to shift their traditional pallet in / pallet out 3PL business to one focused on the expanding e-commerce supply chain ecosystem. Starting in late 2018, they were able to grow their e-commerce orders by nearly 190% in one year using best practice pick and pack workflows.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn how:

  • Ottawa Logistics Fulfillment was able to transition to ecommerce
  • To avoid the pitfalls of mis-shipments and order errors
  • Packing best practices can help increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Partnering with 3PL technology experts can help modernize and optimize warehouse costs



Brandon Burns
Director of Business Development
3PL Central

paul_van_remortel_90x90 Paul Van Remortel
Ottawa Logistics Fulfillment

reg_adams_90x90 Reg Adams
Vice President
Techdinamics Integrations Inc.


Moderator: Josh Bond
Senior Editor
Modern Materials Handling

This webinar was hosted by Modern Materials Handling.