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"Partnering with 3PL Central has enabled SEKO Logistics to firmly position ourselves within the retail and eCommerce fulfillment market, which is a core strategy for us.  3PL Central has become a feature benefit presented in our sales and onboarding process and in some cases, is the competitive differentiator that wins us the business. "

John Christopher | Director of Logistics, SEKO Logistics

"3PL Central's new SmartView system has dramatically improved our efficiency handling large complex orders and receivings. Our users love working with its modern, well-engineered graphical interface. As a CIO, I value its comprehensive REST API's, which empower us to handle unique customer requirements in-house and keep our customers happy."

Pete Tromblee | CIO, The Northeast Group

"3PL Central really understands my needs as a 3PL and has developed the exact 3PL WMS functionality necessary to support my food-related inventory management system needs. And with the Billing Wizard, they help make sure we don’t miss any billable events."

Zachary Swartley | VP, EZ3PL
Customer since: April 2008

"We are grateful for 3PL Central’s Office Hours session. We take advantage to attend these as much as we can in order to understand more about what 3PL Central can do. Looking forward to all the new things 3PL Central has to offer in 2016."

Cathleen A.

“We are very satisfied with the 3PL Central system. We’ve been able to take advantage of all the integrations that 3PL Central has to offer (ftp file import, QuickBooks integration, web services, and Shopify integration). With 3PL Central, we have been able to onboard new customers quickly and migrate existing customers with very minimal issues. Your support team has been superb with their customer service and timely attentions to our tickets. Cathleen and I have learned so much from them, and they are definitely 'the Best'.”

Marvi B. | IT Program Manager

"3PL central has been an essential tool in our rapidly growing business. Its intuitive and simple design allows us to roll out the software in multiple warehouses, quickly and efficiently, with a short learning curve for the end users. The flexibility of the system allows us to meet our customer’s core requirements through configurable reporting and document design. These features are essential for a project based company where we can not afford complex set up and implementation costs."

Alex R. | Senior Manager – Operations

"I sat in with my team on the webinar yesterday, we were all impressed with the webinar and look forward to future ones. I believe these webinars will go a long way in getting more utilization out of the software."

Lenny G. | Vice President of Operations

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