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"Our Account Manager and warehouse team love the new 3PL Warehouse Manager SmartView release and how easy it is to use. Everything is right where you expect it to be. Ease of use is critical when managing hundreds of customers.

The interface is extremely well thought out and the flexibility of the system lets us create custom workflows that fit our business. 3PL Central does a great job anticipating our customers’ needs and building tools to support their workflows. And if a feature is not currently in the system, they are great at listening to our ideas and seeing how this can be implemented in future updates, so the system just keeps getting better."

Matthew Clifton-Bowley | Systems Manager, Sussex Transport

"We are grateful for 3PL Central’s Office Hours session. We take advantage to attend these as much as we can in order to understand more about what 3PL Central can do. Looking forward to all the new things 3PL Central has to offer in 2016."

Cathleen A.

"3PL Central has been instrumental in the growth of our public warehousing business by providing real-time receipt and shipment information to us and our customers. And with the Spring ‘08 release’s new EDI enhancements we’ll be able to handle drastically more customer orders each day without adding any data entry or customer service staff. We have already begun discussions for implementation of EDI communication with larger and more sophisticated customers. These enhancements will allow our current personnel to focus on effectively managing orders rather than performing data entry."

Erik Hinson | Managing Director, Falcon Worldwide Distribution
Customer since: June 2007

“3PL Warehouse Manager has given us a platform to grow our business to two facilities. We are really excited about the new Billing Wizard automatic storage calculation and invoicing feature that will reduce our billing time by hours. We also will use the ASN functions to reduce data entry time for receipts and the web-based platform allows us to add warehouse locations seamlessly.”

Ken M. | VP Sales, Encore Logistics
Customer since: October 2006

"I am really a huge fan of your product. 3PL Warehouse Manager is really powerful and easy to use. It provides the functionality that most customers expect and prospective customers’ desire. The system has already helped me to win new customers."

Rod A. | President, JusTrukIt Logistic Services Group
Customer since February 2008

"Our inventory is now more accurate and 100% viewable online.With 3PL Central our staff no longer has to juggle multiple spreadsheets."

Tracy W. | CFO, Toll Global Forwarding USA
Customer since: November 2007

“We value that we have a trusted partner in 3PL Central. We have openness with the management team, we are invited to beta test features, we are asked for honest feedback, and feel involved in the decision-making of a product we use every day. This level of service and dedication to the customer experience is not something we could get anywhere else."

Manny Arriaza | Head of Management Information Systems, Woodland Group

“The unified small parcel shipping suite has allowed us to expand our drop-shipping business and saves our warehouse $1000 a month on labor. One of our customers has saved over $1,500 on postage alone in one month. I don’t know how we would get by without it!”

Joe Isabell | Co-founder, Tugg Logistics

“SmartScan is a valuable addition to the 3PL Central platform. It has greatly improved our efficiency by saving time and reducing manual / duplicate tasks. Thanks to SmartScan, manual entry per warehouse worker has been cut by 50%. SmartScan leverages a multitude of hardware options to bring the latest technology to growing warehouses everywhere."

George Hynes | Owner, Logistic Edge


"We were never concerned about growth - partnering with 3PL Central made that easy for us."

Dan Finkle | Cofounder, Captech Logistics

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