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“We value that we have a trusted partner in 3PL Central. We have openness with the management team, we are invited to beta test features, we are asked for honest feedback, and feel involved in the decision-making of a product we use every day. This level of service and dedication to the customer experience is not something we could get anywhere else."

Manny Arriaza | Head of Management Information Systems, Woodland Group

“The unified small parcel shipping suite has allowed us to expand our drop-shipping business and saves our warehouse $1000 a month on labor. One of our customers has saved over $1,500 on postage alone in one month. I don’t know how we would get by without it!”

Joe Isabell | Co-founder, Tugg Logistics

“SmartScan is a valuable addition to the 3PL Central platform. It has greatly improved our efficiency by saving time and reducing manual / duplicate tasks. Thanks to SmartScan, manual entry per warehouse worker has been cut by 50%. SmartScan leverages a multitude of hardware options to bring the latest technology to growing warehouses everywhere."

George Hynes | Owner, Logistic Edge


"We were never concerned about growth - partnering with 3PL Central made that easy for us."

Dan Finkle | Cofounder, Captech Logistics

“Participating in the 3PL Central Customer Customer Advisory Board (CAB) was tremendously valuable. Not only did 3PL Central incorporate our feedback into their future direction, but the CAB also provided us an opportunity to connect with our peers, share ideas and understand trends in the industry.”

Nancy Henger | Owner, Brilliant Fulfillment

“We are extremely satisfied with our 3PL Central implementation experience. We were impressed by our dedicated Implementation Manager, they were very knowledgeable and helped us configure 3PL Warehouse Manager specifically to meet the need of our business. My experience with the team has been nothing but exceptional, and we are already seeing the benefits of our investment.”

Jennifer Lyles | Owner, Brite Fulfillment Solutions

"We are loving the direction of the new SmartScan app. 3PL Central listened to our feedback and challenges with mobile scanning and even implemented our ideas. Thanks to SmartScan, we are now one step closer to our goal of becoming a paperless warehouse and I’m confident SmartScan is truly built for the unique needs of the 3PL warehousing community."

Pete Tromblee | CIO, The Northeast Group

"3PL Central handles just about everything we throw at it. The updated SmartView UI makes it easier to deliver an end to end e-commerce solution that we have not seen in other systems. 3PL Central always delivers the same level of personal attention that my customers demand of me -- they are a true partner in helping both my business, and my customers’ businesses, succeed."

Tim Werkley | President, Swan Packaging Fulfillment

"Partnering with 3PL Central has enabled SEKO Logistics to firmly position ourselves within the retail and eCommerce fulfillment market, which is a core strategy for us.  3PL Central has become a feature benefit presented in our sales and onboarding process and in some cases, is the competitive differentiator that wins us the business. "

John Christopher | Director of Logistics, SEKO Logistics

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