Barcode Scanning on Your Choice of Devices

SmartScan is a web-based mobile scanning solution for both enterprise and consumer-grade scanners (Android and iOS). SmartScan integrates directly with 3PL Warehouse Manager, so data flows both ways to reflect up-to-the-minute inventory status changes within your warehouse—offering a paperless experience for warehouse staff.

With omnichannel fulfillment becoming a bigger opportunity for 3PL warehouses, operations managers are responsible for more now than ever before. Warehouse operations require best-practice scanning technology and systems that will drive accurate and efficient receipt and order fulfillment, seamlessly integrate with WMS software to update inventory in real-time, and handle on-the-fly changes.

To increase operational efficiency, SmartScan leverages purpose-built barcode scanning technology and industry best practices to help transform paper-based, inefficient processes into streamlined workflows that capture and update meaningful inventory and transactional data as it happens.


Thanks to SmartScan, we are now one step closer to our goal of becoming a paperless warehouse.

-CIO, The Northeast Group

3PL Warehouse Manager SmartScan Load Out

Boost Employee Productivity

Say goodbye to lost pick tickets, illegible handwriting, and employee guesswork, and say hello to a paperless warehouse.

  • Reduce overhead by automating manual tasks
  • Drive accuracy in receiving and fulfillment with barcode scanning
  • Ensure your staff is operating at peak performance
  • Simplify training and onboarding with application-driven workflows and on-screen prompts

Pick and Pack with Real-Time Accuracy

SmartScan communicates every action an employee performs back to the WMS for real-time tracking and updates.

  • Prioritize jobs and modify an employee’s task list on the fly
  • Support flexible staffing adjustments
  • View picking locations, SKUs, and track-by’s with real-time accuracy
  • Assign tasks to a specific user and adjust as needed
Keeping track of items within a warehouse with smartscan
3PL Warehouse Manager SmartScan Scanner

Optimize the Fulfillment Process

With SmartScan, the results of every task are automatically stored in the cloud, ensuring that all warehouse data is up-to-date and accurate.

  • Receive orders automatically from your WMS on your mobile barcode scanner to pick
  • Pick items by a single order or a batch of orders
  • Prioritize pick jobs based on customer needs (e.g., priority shipping)
  • Pick groups of orders that share common SKUs with Pick-to-Bin
  • Receive against advanced shipping notices (ASN) to validate the accuracy of received items

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Manage Inventory Efficiently

SmartScan is built on modern architecture and basedinventory control management best practices.

  • Move items and pallets to different locations within the warehouse
  • Get real-time information about an item, pallet, and location
  • Perform physical inventory counts by location to ensure 100% inventory accuracy
  • Receive items and input data (track-by’s and catch weight) upon receipt
  • Specify the destination pallet and location on your mobile barcode scanner
  • Leverage directed putaway to remove guesswork for your staff
3PL Warehouse Manager SmartScan Look Up
3PL Warehouse Manager SmartScan Start Pick

Capture All Stages of Fulfillment

Load Out is a feature designed for SmartScan customers to capture all the stages of pallet fulfillment in real-time, improving accuracy for inventory tracking within 3PL Warehouse Manager.

  • Identify Load Out details like door, trailer, and seal number
  • Capture Load Out percentage as MUs are scanned into trailer
  • Capture Load Out complete date and time
  • Record intermediate times for MU configuration and loading
  • Utilize inventory management best practices to track inventory in all stages of the Load Out process

SmartScan is truly built for the unique needs of the 3PL warehousing community.

-CIO, The Northeast Group