Barcode Scanning on Virtually Any Device

Improve productivity, accuracy, and visibility across your 3PL warehouse with SmartScan, our web-based mobile scanning application for both enterprise and consumer-grade devices (Android and iOS). SmartScan integrates directly with 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS so data flows both ways for up-to-the-minute updates offering a handsfree and paperless experience for warehouse staff.

Move away from error-prone, paper-based workflows and grow into a modern, paperless warehouse. Based on industry best practices for both B2B and 3PL ecommerce fulfillment, SmartScan dynamically delivers data to operators so they can seamlessly react to changing priorities and measure warehouse performance in real-time.

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Thanks to SmartScan, we are now one step closer to our goal of becoming a paperless warehouse.

-CIO, The Northeast Group


Optimize Labor Efficiency

SmartScan communicates every action an employee performs back to the WMS for real-time tracking and updates.

  • Modify an employee’s task list on the fly
  • Support flexible staffing adjustments
  • Ensure that your staff is operating at peak performance
  • Simplify training with easy-to-use interface with on-screen instructions
  • Reduce overhead by automating manual tasks
  • Barcode Parsing separates data elements in one barcode

100% Order and Picking Accuracy

Say goodbye to lost pick tickets, illegible handwriting, and employee guesswork, and hello to a paperless warehouse.

  • Orders flow from your WMS directly to your mobile device to pick
  • Pick items by a single order or a batch of orders
  • View picking locations, SKUs and trackbys with on-screen instructions
  • Prioritize pick jobs based on customer needs (priority shipping, etc.)
  • Assign tasks to a specific user and modify on the fly
  • Pick groups of orders that share common SKUs with Pick-to-Bin
smart scan app
smart scan

Gain Complete Visibility

With SmartScan, the results of every task are automatically stored in the cloud, ensuring that all warehouse data is up-to-date and accurate.

  • Move items, pallets and full locations within the warehouse
  • Get real-time information about an item, pallet, and location
  • Perform physical inventory counts to ensure 100% inventory accuracy
  • Receive items and input data (track-bys and catch weight) upon receipt
  • Specify the destination pallet and location on your mobile device
  • Leverage directed put-away to remove guesswork for your staff

A Modern Scanning Solution

SmartScan was built on modern architecture and based on top-performing 3PL workflows.

  • Accessible 24/7 on a supported device with an Internet connection
  • Runs on both purpose-built and consumer-grade devices
  • Supported on personal devices running Android and iOS
  • Continued monthly releases with feedback directly from customers
  • Direct partnership with Emkat for hardware support and device management
smart scan app
smart scan

Drive Best Practices

SmartScan was built on 3PL best practices to build repeatable and scalable scanning workflows you can implement immediately.

  • Integrates directly with 3PL Warehouse Manager for real-time updates
  • Standardize the scanning workflows for all your customers
  • Reduce variation between employees to eliminate guesswork
  • Fits any warehouse environment and budget
  • Built with 3PLs in mind, advised by 50 top-performing warehouses and counting

SmartScan is truly built for the unique needs of the 3PL warehousing community.

-CIO, The Northeast Group