Create a Network to Elevate Your Customer Relationships 

For 3PL warehouses looking to scale their business and compete in today’s market, Extensiv Network Manager delivers a fulfillment platform to build and manage a reliable network of partners that can extend geographic reach, offer greater services, and enhance SLAs, without impacting your or your customers’ bottom lines. 

With more than 2,000 warehouses currently using 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS, Extensiv Network Manager allows you to easily connect your system with other geographically distributed warehouses so you can quickly and seamlessly build and manage your network.

Increase Visibility As You Grow 

Access a holistic view of your customers’ inventory, order, and transaction data in one place between all warehouses without complex integrations or duplicate entries .

  • View inventory, orders, and transaction details across your entire operation or drilldown by customer and warehouse  
  • Management portal to maintain programmatic control over partner warehouses. 
  • Synchronize data across warehouses in real-time to improve efficiency 
Network Manager Inventory Details-1
Network Manager Order Details

Optimize Order Management 

Effortlessly scale your business by setting up your network to utilize multi-point fulfillment processes with order automation tools. 

  • Automate order routing to cut costs and transit time  
  • Bi-directionally sync key order details from cart to warehouse management system (WMS) to improve efficiency and data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry  
  • Access order processing statuses in real-time throughout all warehouses

Expand Your Reach 

Increase revenue through new networking capabilities with a platform that offers full ownership of customer relationships and Extensiv’s Fulfillment Marketplace. 

  • Create a 4PL network tailored to your needs with Network Manager 
  • Connect with other participating 3PLs in strategic locations 
  • Maintain ownership of your customer relationships 
  • Access new opportunities to grow with referrals from Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace 
Network Manager Manage Network Detail

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