On-Demand 3PL WMS Barcode Scanning Feature Developed to Spur Small- and Mid-sized Public Warehouse Growth

Orem, UT, September 18, 2008 – 3PL Central (www.3plcentral.com), the first on-demand 3PL software provider to focus on small- to mid-sized 3PLs, today announced the free and immediate availability of web-based mobile barcode scanning for all customers of its flagship 3PL WMS offering, 3PL Warehouse Manager. This announcement comes on the second year anniversary of 3PL Warehouse Manager’s launch date.

The development of the new barcode scanning feature was developed in specific response to current customer needs. The new capability supports all core warehouse functions including; receive, put away, move, pick, and pack – and is specifically designed to help 3PL Central customers’ increase worker efficiency, improve data capture accuracy and provide real-time information to their clients.

The new service can be accessed via any Windows CE or Windows Mobile handheld mobile scanner capable of connecting to the Internet via a WiFi or cellular network. As a Motorola PartnerSelect ISV Program member, 3PL Central has pre-certified the industry leading Motorola MC9090-G WiFi-enabled handheld mobile computer with 3PL Warehouse Manager’s Mobile Barcode Scanning. Learn more here: www.3plcentral.com/3PLsoftwarebarcodescanning

“It is incredible to be able to get advanced WMS mobile barcode scanning functionality without investing tens of thousands in hardware and software,” said Jeff Glassman, president at Darn It. “As a company that handles garments, this new functionality will help ensure our target of 100% shipping accuracy.”

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS), 3PL Central’s on-demand warehouse management system (WMS), 3PL Warehouse ManagerT, provides third party warehouse operators a full-featured – yet affordable – “pay for what you use” 3PL WMS solution. 3PL Warehouse Manager supports multi-customer, multi-warehouse and multi-user facilities. Using 3PL Warehouse Manager allows small- to mid-sized warehouse operators to add new business without being restricted by the technological limitations or financial barriers they encounter with packaged software products.

“We feel offering free mobile barcode scanning to small- and mid-sized 3PL customers will revolutionize how they compete against larger 3PLs,” said John Watkins, President and CEO of 3PL Central. “This mobile barcode scanning feature will allow even the smallest 3PL to run their operation more accurately and efficiently – allowing them to grow their business faster.”

3PL Warehouse Manager: Affordable, On-demand 3PL WMS

3PL Warehouse Manager is the first web-based, on-demand (Software as a Service – SaaS) warehouse management system focused on public and third-party warehouses. 3PL Warehouse Manager provides functionality previously found only in high-cost, traditional WMS applications. 3PL Warehouse Manager’s advanced functionality includes real-time online reporting, kitting support, advanced billing management, mobile barcode scanning and EDI integration. 3PL Warehouse Manager is available starting at $295 per month to any size warehouse operation.

For a free trial or to register for special live online demos covering the new mobile barcode scanning feature, visit: www.3plcentral.com/3PLsoftwarebarcodescanning

About 3PL Central

3PL Central (www.3plcentral.com) is a new breed of 3PL software provider, offering on-demand supply chain software focused on the needs of 3PLs, public and third-party warehouses. 3PL Central provides a variety of software including 3PL Warehouse ManagerT, the first on-demand Warehouse Management System (WMS) built to provide public warehouse operations enterprise-class WMS functionality. All of 3PL Central’s products are offered via an on-demand, or Software as a Service (SaaS) model, enabling 3PLs and public warehouses access to cutting-edge software at a low monthly fee and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of supply chain execution software from the traditional “buy, upgrade and maintain” software cycle.

3PL Central – For 3PLs on the Grow™

“3PL Central”, “3PL Warehouse Manager”, “Billing Wizard” and “For 3PLs on the Grow” are trademarks of 3PL Central, Inc.

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