When we acquired Skubana a little over a year ago, we did it for one primary reason: as we sold into bigger and bigger third-party logistics (3PL) providers, more and more of them were running multiple warehouses and were looking for order routing. We believed then, and still believe today, that Skubana has the best technology and the best team to deliver on this need for our customers, even though it was built for brands more than 3PLs. Our early adopter 3PL customers have proven that that faith was well placed (if you are looking for order routing, please contact your CSM). 

But order routing was only part of the story. From the start, we had a much, much bigger objective in mind. Today, with the public launch of the Extensiv brand, we are doing the initial unveiling of that bigger vision. In short, we believe that for too long, 3PLs have been forced to serve brands with inadequate software not designed to work with the systems your customers are using to run their business. You spend too much time building integrations to external systems, and your customers work too hard to find you, evaluate your services, and get your systems up and running. We believe there is a better way. 

Extensiv represents that better way. Formed by the combination of 3PL Central, Skubana, Scout, and CartRover, Extensiv is a brand 100% focused on helping 3PLs better serve the needs of their customers, create more competitive services, and win more business. One of the ways we will do this is by making sure 3PL Warehouse Manager works better with the software (like Scout and Skubana) that brands are using to run their business. 

We’re biased, but we believe that over the next few months you will see the most exciting series of new product announcements and enhancements to our existing products that the industry has ever seen. No exaggeration.  

 In the months ahead we will work hard to unify the experience for all of our products under the Extensiv brand. By early fall we will deploy an enhanced login mechanism that will provide a single entry point to all your Extensiv products (3PL Warehouse Manager, Skubana, Scout, and CartRover), as well as all the supporting resources we offer like help documentation, training and our support portal. We will also make it easier to navigate through our products, and all of the resources you need will be available in a single location, called Extensiv Hub. 

We’re also accelerating the pace of innovation in our core 3PL product, 3PL Warehouse Manager. Although we can’t tell you about all the exciting things on the horizon, there are a few important updates we are excited to share: 

  • We are continuing the extend the Skubana (now Extensiv Order Manager) order routing beta to more customers. 
  • We have rebuilt the way we connect to small parcel carriers, so you will be able to offer your customers access to a broader array of shipping options. 
  • By the end of this week, almost all our customers will have access to phase one of our graphical business intelligence offering. 
  • Later this year, we will roll out a completely rebuilt billing engine to all 3PL Warehouse Manager customers. 
  • CartRover (now Extensiv Integration Manager) is adding new order sources monthly. Additionally, we’re going to make it easier for you to add your customers’ items to your system, without using import templates. 

While all those capabilities are great, we can’t tell you about the most exciting announcements we have on the horizon. Rest assured, you won’t have to wait long. The first will be coming this June.  

What is the timeline to rebrand as Extensiv? 

In the near term, each of our products will retain its original branding but will call out its connection to Extensiv in its logo. By the end of the year, we will phase out the old branding, and our products and websites will operate entirely under the Extensiv brand. 

While this may seem like a lot of change, rest assured that as Extensiv, we remain committed to helping you improve your operations and build your business. If you’d like to learn more, please visit www.extensiv.com, read our press release, or contact your CSM. 

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