MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – September 27, 2011 — 3PL Central announced today that its popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Warehouse Management System (WMS) called 3PL Warehouse Manager is now compatible with the latest versions of both the Firefox and Safari browsers. This new capability allows its 3PL Warehouse Software users and customers to pursue thousands of new prospects who currently operate exclusively on those platforms.

“While most logistics firms operate in a PC- and Internet Explorer-only environment,” says John Watkins, co-founder and company CEO, “many of their potential customers do not. 3PL Warehouse Manager’s new cross browser capability with Firefox and Safari browsers will now allow operators to pursue untapped markets-potentially opening up and adding thousands of new customers to their business.”

The Software-as-a-Service innovation allows for greater focus on core business growth while minimizing IT costs. And while 3PL customers have always been able to access basic inventory and ordering functionality through multiple browsers and operating systems, warehouses and customers can now manage their facilities including all accounts, inventory status, standard and customizable reporting, data uploads, shipping and tracking, etc. from either PC Windows or Mac computers.

Early customer feedback indicates the new portals are a great addition by making the software available to a wider array of industries. As such, their value is additionally enhanced as a vibrant sales tool which operators can use to attract new customers. Significantly, Mac-dominated industries such as garment, architecture, design and fine arts have recently demonstrated an uptick in pursuing the more usable Software-as-a-Service system. In addition, the cross browser capability also appeals to many overseas 3PLs who more readily rely on Firefox and Mozilla.

Providing functionality that meets customer demands while further assisting customers to grow their own businesses is a hallmark of 3PL Central’s web-based program. Given this, the company aggressively innovates and increases service levels to meet customer demands, exceed expectations and will continue the same pattern for the future.

In fact, it is in the same innovative spirit that 3PL Central’s WMS product became the first-of-its-kind web-based software, allowing businesses to only pay for the technology they use through an on-demand provision. Key attributes the 3PL Warehouse Manager provides include full functionality in real time, no software upgrades or maintenance fees to install or purchase, nor IT investments (hardware and consultant-free process) with long-term contracts. This allows clients to pay for only what is used, saving both time and money.

For information about the benefits of 3PL warehouse software with cross-browser capability, visit or call 1.888.790.5467.

About 3PL Central

3PL Central is a new breed of 3PL software provider, offering on-demand supply chain software focused on the needs of 3PLs, public and third-party warehouses. 3PL Warehouse Manager – the first on-demand Warehouse Management System (WMS) built specifically for 3PLs – provides public warehouse operations enterprise-class WMS functionality. 3PL Warehouse Manager is offered via an on-demand, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, enabling 3PLs and public warehouses access to cutting-edge software at a low monthly fee and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of supply chain execution software from the traditional “buy, upgrade and maintain” software cycle. For additional information, please contact 3PL Central at 888-790-5467, or visit

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