3PL Central is Ready to Give Freely

It started in 2018 when 3PL Central closed our offices for one day to give back to our communities. In that one day, our team was able to accumulate 288 volunteer hours, support local food pantries, and sort 4,000 pounds of food—creating 3,425 meals. In 2019, we continued our efforts of giving back—bringing us closer together and celebrating our local communities.

This year, instead of giving back for one day, 3PL Central team members will volunteer during the entire month of October. We hope you will join us.

How We’re Helping Our Communities

Giving back is at the heart of 3PL Central

Participating and donating time to Give Freely brings us closer together, grows our culture, and celebrates our local communities.

Team members will be able to give in a number of ways—from donating blood, delivering meals, helping seniors, and more.

Fighting Hunger and Helping Communities

Fighting Hunger and Helping Communities

Individuals plan to volunteer at local food banks or pantries, deliver food to seniors, donate food, and raise awareness for the growing number of Americans who struggle with hunger.

Giving Back to Essential Workers

Giving Back to Essential Workers

We will share our appreciation of essential workers by sewing and/or donating masks, baking for healthcare workers, writing appreciation letters, donating to schools, and more.

We Can Use Your Help

Join 3PL Central during the month of October to Give Freely.

Please share how your company is helping your local communities with your photos and stories on social media. Be sure to tag @3PL Central and use #GiveFreely2020 on any posts. Our teams will be on the lookout for companies’ helping those in need.

Find A Food

Feeding America has a nationwide network of food banks that distributes 4.3 billion meals each year.

How to Stay Safe
and Help

Check out this list by AmeriCorps on 10 ways to safely help your community during COVID-19.


Click here to learn how and where you can volunteer virtually by helping schools or non-profits.