Customer Spotlight - Woodland Group

Date: April 20, 2020

The Perfect Freight Forward Fit

Woodland Group is one of the largest independent freight forwarding and logistics companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom, focused on bespoke logistics solutions for importers and exporters. The company, founded in 1988, was formed with a vision to provide a new, consultative customer-focused approach to the industry.

In 1991, they expanded operations to the United States with the opening of their first office in New York and have since grown across the globe with facilities in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey, locations across the UK, Asia and Ireland and a worldwide network of close partners.

After doing freight forwarding and trucking out of their New York location for several years, they found new customers that wanted to expand on existing workflows to ship to retailers and ship direct to consumer, all while planning the business expansion to the west coast. In order to navigate these changes, Woodland Group hired a logistics and ecommerce expert, Manny Arriaza. “After primarily doing freight forwarding, we now had to quickly adapt to a new breed of customers,” Manny says, now Head of Management Information Services. “These new customers required visibility into cargo coming in, and connections to US retailers and shopping carts that our UK-based Transportation Management System (TMS) was not yet built for at the time.”

This prompted Manny’s team to search for a US-based WMS. After narrowing their search from the top five warehouse management solutions, they ultimately decided to partner with 3PL Central. “When we came to the US, we knew that we needed a solution that was robust, scalable, and easy to deploy as we expanded to other locations”, Manny says. “Other solutions were either too big, too niche, or too broad. It just didn’t fit right. 3PL Central was the perfect fit for us – they shared our vision of actively being a part of our customers’ growth.”



   Woodland Group By The Numbers

    Total Order Growth: 300% 
Locations 3
Customers 2 to 25 in one year
Warehouse size 140,000 sq. ft


Manny Arriaza
Head of MIS, Woodland Group


Leveraging a Massive Logistics Network

After implementing 3PL Warehouse Manager, Woodland Group was able to successfully grow their business into ecommerce and offer bespoke services to top-tier retailers. “We leverage 3PL Central’s ecosystem as well as our massive network of trucking and logistics companies to offer customers with the best rates and services”, Manny says. “With decades of experience in the space, we can better serve customers and advise them with how to be more successful with their chosen channels.”

3PL Central’s 3PL Intelligence Ecosystem allowed Woodland Group to integrate with other key players in logistics through one WMS interface. 3PL Central’s platform delivers hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to EDI, ecommerce, shipping, technology, and hardware solutions for rapid implementation. “With pre-built connections to the largest shopping carts and retailers, our customers can start sending orders to our warehouse within minutes. It would take hundreds of hours for one of our staff to manage this through manual order entry,” Manny says. “We can also shop for the best shipping rates from our network of carriers through rate shopping. These efficiencies add up and directly benefit labor, which translates to revenue saved.”

As Woodland Group expanded operations into new facilities, 3PL Warehouse Manager offered scalability at any given moment. “We were happy to have a solution that we could implement to other locations immediately”, Manny says. “When we grew and opened our New Jersey and Chicago locations, we had peace of mind because we knew that our WMS was scalable and easy to implement. With an intuitive interface, we were able to set-up and run both warehouses through 3PL Warehouse Manager in no time.”


"Other solutions just didn’t fit right. 3PL Central was the perfect fit for us. They shared our vision of actively being a part of our customers’ growth."

- Manny Arriaza, Woodland Group


Goal to Be Invisible

“As a logistics provider, our goal is to be invisible. We want to successfully fulfill our customers’ orders in the background without incident,” Manny says. “In the world of omnichannel logistics, everything is fast-paced and orders need to be out of the warehouse as soon as possible. The only way to achieve this goal is to provide customers visibility into every step of the fulfillment process.”

Back then, Manny says, customers had no visibility into what happens inside the warehouse, so long as orders are shipped out. Today, in order to be invisible, 3PLs need to put visibility into the hands of their customers. With 3PL Warehouse Manager’s modern tools, Woodland Group’s customers gain access to their own customer portal access to track orders, reporting and dashboard tools to tracks SLAs, customer notifications to stay up to date on order status, and more. “With so much going on, customers want to be informed. By providing real-time tools into their inventory, the less time we spend on the phone, which means more time for customers to manage their business, and more time for our staff to focus on fulfilling orders.”


“In the world of omnichannel logistics where everything is fast-paced and orders need to be out of the warehouse as soon as possible, the only way to achieve the goal of being invisible is to provide customers visibility into every step of the fulfillment process.'' 

- Manny Arriaza, Woodland Group


A Mutual Focus On Quality Partnerships

This dedication to their customers is what makes Woodland Group stand out from their competition. “Being a true partner to our customers is built into our ethos as a company”, Manny says. “Our agility allows us to provide bespoke solutions to support our customers’ business growth across the globe, offering a consultative approach to optimizing their supply chain including trade regulatory and customs support, IT, insurance and contingency planning. Our success is down to our dedicated people and work with our long-standing partners, who share our values and commitment to transparency in business and growth. From the get-go, we knew what we wanted to do, the services we wanted to offer, and the market we wanted to serve. We look for quality partnerships with customers who share our values, which allow us to offer a higher standard of service to every customer.”

Utilizing 3PL Warehouse Manager allowed Woodland Group to grow customers and order volume and streamline operational efficiency without increasing their employee headcount. “Thanks to 3PL Warehouse Manager, we’ve increased our output and productivity while maintaining a 1% margin of error, 2% less than industry standards.”

With 25 customers serviced and no need for manual entry, back office staff can focus directly on customer experience. “We’re constantly checking in with our customers. We enjoy receiving feedback and knowing if there’s anything we can do to help”, Manny says. “This helps us get smarter in the way that we run our business. We strive to ensure that our operation is running at 100% efficiency or get as close to perfection as possible for our customers.”


"Thanks to 3PL Warehouse Manager, we’ve increased our output and productivity while maintaining a 1% margin of error, almost 2% less than industry standards."

- Manny Arriaza, Woodland Group


About Woodland Group

woodland-logo-blue-2Woodland Group is an independent, specialist logistics and Group supply chain management company. We are here to make logistics simple. Through our expertise and international network, we offer personalized solutions to help your business succeed. We believe our suite of logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services is the best there is.