Make Your Voice Heard in the 3PL Warehouse Industry Benchmark Survey

Wouldn’t you love to know how your company compares to others in the industry? Is your warehouse growing at the same pace? Adopting the same technology? Facing the same challenges? Now logistics professionals can find out all of these things, but first make your own voice heard by sharing what your warehouse thinks about technology and buying trends in the coming year. Please take the 2020 Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Benchmark Survey here to share your perspective and receive a complimentary copy of the report upon release.

Today, 3PL Central launched the first ever third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse benchmark survey. With 2020 marking an unprecedented year for our industry and triggering massive growth for those 3PL warehouses performing ecommerce fulfillment, we wanted to understand how we could help the 3PL community the most. When 3PL Central asked a sample of 3PLs, we heard that they want to learn from their industry peers.

Throughout the year, 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS customers have seen marked growth, with order volumes increasing more than 81% at times. In one customer conversation, we heard 3PL warehouses sharing they were running their warehouses at as much as 140%+ capacity. With this sort of growth, we’ve already seen demand for warehouse space dramatically increase, demand for geographic expansion, and new cooperative relationships emerge through fourth-party logistics (4PL) companies. Share how you plan to handle these market changes and learn how your warehouse compares to other leading logistics businesses.

Taking the Survey

The industry survey takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete and asks questions about technology trends, labor trends, growth opportunities, and biggest warehousing concerns for the coming year. The survey will remain open through October 1st. Once all responses have been collected, 3PL Central will anonymize and aggregate information into easily consumable industry trends so that you can see how you compare to other 3PLs.

To thank you for your time, you’ll get early access once we release the 2020 Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Benchmark Report and we’ll also enter you into a drawing for one of three $100 American Express gift cards. Please take the survey now.

While you wait for the responses to come in and the data to get compiled, contact us if you want to learn more about 3PL Warehouse Manager.

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