We all know the age old saying – ‘to earn money, you have to spend money.’ In the digital age, to keep a competitive advantage in the market, companies must stay up to date on the latest technology. Ecommerce brands and retailers expect a new level of detail when it comes to traceability of their goods. This becomes an issue for third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses to decide upon when determining their growth strategies. When does it make sense to spend for scalability?

Will this software decrease my overhead spend in other areas?

In any business, it is important to look at where the fat can be trimmed for cost. If your warehouse is consistently having mis-shipments and a continual stream of chargebacks, it may be worth taking a deeper dive into why those mistakes are happening. Having a software that can provide quality control over packaging dimensions, retail compliancy, or even pick validation can be critical to lowering to cost of a mistake.

Will this increase customer retention and satisfaction?

Do you constantly receive emails, calls, and texts as to where your customer’s goods are? Not only is this a disturbance in workflow for the warehouse team but creates a black box for the customer in visibility of goods. Consider a warehouse management system (WMS) with a Customer Portal that can provide real time visibility for the customer and less interruption for the warehouse.

How does this improve efficiency?

Without a system to optimize and automate data, data entry becomes the norm and bottlenecks can form very quickly. What is your warehouse currently doing to prevent bottlenecks? It’s critical in streamlining processes to add efficiency and automation where possible. Automating billing charges in 3PL Warehouse Manager’s Billing Wizard can reduce overhead labor costs and allow you to repurpose that time into closing more business and providing excellent customer service.

In fact, one customer, All State Moving Systems increased billing by $15,000 in just two months by automating billing information capture.

Why Implement Technology For Your Warehouse?

Without the right technology, several manual processes can develop long term constraints and bottlenecks in your operation. Whether this means fewer mis-shipments, lower labor costs, or higher customer retention, it is important the technology partner enriches the warehouse process to make life easier, faster, and better. When evaluating the next software partner to enhance your operation, it must come down to this: does this help me scale?

-Written by Rachel Warren

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