Top 5 Ecommerce WMS Features Needed for 3PL's Peak Season

Date: August 30,2018

Is your WMS ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

The 3PL Warehouse Peak Season is around the corner, and studies show that it’s going to be another record-breaking year for retailers and their 3PLs. Do you have the WMS features critical to successfully tackle the peak season? Now is the time to reevaluate existing workflows, especially if the warehouse is outperforming projections and outgrowing current processes. Managing this crucial season manually or with a WMS that can’t keep up is a challenge, especially when you’re looking at thousands of orders that need to be shipped accurately and on-time, with no margin for error.

Here are the top five WMS features your warehouse needs:

Customer Portal

WMS Feature Customer Portal to tackle 3PL Warehouse Peak Season

Treat warehouse customers as true business partners by giving them access to their own self-service Customer Portal from anywhere in the world. With their own access to the system granted by the warehouse, customers can run their own private reports, view inventory and orders, review past transactions, and be notified when a stock is low - all extremely valuable during peak season. Armed with data, customers can make better decisions that help impact their business when the next peak comes. This also saves warehouses time from answering inventory-related questions while giving customers complete control over their own orders. 3PL Central’s cloud-based WMS, 3PL Warehouse Manager, lets warehouse customers access their inventory in a branded, easy-to-use interface accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Order Integration

  3PL Warehouse WMS Feature: Billing Capture to tackle warehouse peak season

Manual order imports paired with updating inventory on a spreadsheet is a great way for warehouses to start, but not a scalable way to conduct business, especially not during the busiest season of the year. Without inventory visibility, real-time updates and a way to automate repetitive warehouse tasks, orders can get lost and be prone to error. Smart warehouses know how to leverage technology whenever possible, especially now that shopping carts, Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERPs), Transportation Management software (TMS) and Operation Management Suites (OMS) can easily integrate with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) like 3PL Warehouse Manager. By automating all aspects of the file import process, all orders from various sales channels per customer are funneled into the WMS for fulfillment in the warehouse. Once the order ships, tracking information is sent back to the shopping cart to notify the buyer*.

Our integrations are a two-way sync across platforms, which means that inventory levels are updated directly on the shopping carts*. This helps customers avoid selling items that are out of stock - a feature that is crucial during the busiest season of the year.

*Dependent on the limitations of the shopping cart carrier

Billing Capture

  WMS Feature: Order integration to tackle 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

At 3PL Central we’ve supported clients though peak season for over a decade, and fully understand the long hours and manpower it requires to fulfill all orders, for multiple customers, all with different fee schedules and workflows. In the frenzy, paper invoices can be misplaced and miscalculated, and errors in data entry can occur.

There are already so many factors to consider during this very busy time; billing shouldn’t be one of them. A WMS with an easy-to-use billing management module, like 3PL Central’s Billing Wizard™, takes the complexities out of billing so that warehouses can make sure that they’re not missing out on any revenue. Available directly on 3PL Warehouse Manager, the Billing Wizard allows 3PLs to capture all billable warehouse events, including handling, storage, shipping and other value-added service fees per customer. Capturing every billable event in real time makes sure that no revenue is lost and saves time reconciling receipts monthly. Our WMS integrates directly with QuickBooks to turn orders into invoices, which can be can be sent to customers immediately. Faster payment means more cash flow on-hand to keep the warehouse running smoothly.


Small Parcel Shipping Solution


  WMS Feature: Small Parcel Shipping Solution

A shipping solution to fulfill orders during the busiest season of the year is a strategy that should be in place well before the orders start coming in. For high volume orders, warehouses need an automated solution that’s hands-free, accurate, and easy-to-use that recaptures time from tasks like verifying orders and training new staff on complicated processes.

3PL Central’s SmartPack™ solution aims to verify each item in the order hands-free via a mobile scanner. The system ensures that all items and package weights are captured automatically, and completes the order only when every item has been properly scanned - saving warehouse staff time from verifying each order. Once orders are confirmed, warehouses have direct access to the largest shipping carriers without ever leaving the WMS via our SmartParcelTM solution. Print real-time small parcel shipping labels on 3PL Warehouse Manager without manually typing addresses and tracking numbers.

With a streamlined shipping process like SmartPack and SmartParcel, warehouses have a completely hands-free workflow that cuts shipping time in half and easy to use for everyone. 

Advanced Integrations

  WMS Feature: Advanced integrations

Integrating with all the leading service providers in the supply chain is a feature your WMS should have. This allows you to automate processes whenever possible, stay updated in a dynamic market, and stand out in such a competitive landscape.

3PL Central has pre-built integrations with all the leading shopping carts, hardware scanners, accounting and ERP software, shipping carriers, Transportation Management, CRM, EDI, and more. Plus with our REST API platform, our developers can work with you to create custom integrations for your warehouse. A warehouse’s WMS should be at the very center of the global fulfillment eco-system for your business. As the first cloud-based WMS, built specifically for growing 3PLs, 3PL Central has built strong relationships, tight integrations, and considerable influence with hundreds of key players operating in the logistics world.

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