Offering 3PLs the technology they need to grow their businesses.

Efficient Operations

3PL Warehouse Manager is a comprehensive platform that makes it easy to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to 3PLs and their customers. Our cloud-based WMS is built to accurately manage billions of dollars in customer inventory and processes over a million orders a week.

  • Track every movement in your warehouse from the cloud 24/7.
  • Accommodate complex customer workflows and quickly adapt to your customer needs with an intuitive WMS.
  • Connect to pre-built shopping carts and say goodbye to manual order entry.

3PL Billing

Our intuitive Billing Wizard enables 3PLs with multiple customers to identify hidden operational costs and increase profits in the warehouse. Reduce billing time to hours, not weeks, and generate invoices in minutes. Clone per-transaction billing setup for customers, accelerating their time to value. Send invoices electronically or automatically via Intuit QuickBooks, and get paid faster so you can have more cash-on-hand to run your business.

  • Maintain separate customer billing schedules for transactional and full/split-month storage billing.
  • Track all handling, assessorial, freight, and storage charges by customer.
  • Create custom billing scripts, run multiple scripts at once, and duplicate customers’ per-transaction billing settings. 

Paperless Warehouse

3PL Warehouse Manager streamlines your entire warehouse with comprehensive technology for Receiving, Putaway, Inventory Management, Picking, Packing, Shipping, and Returns. By automating manual processes, you can now ship more orders in a day without hiring more staff, allowing you to increase order volume and take on more customers.

  • Offer 100% data accuracy in real-time across the warehouse with our mobile barcode scanning functionality.
  • Automate manual warehouse tasks and optimize your labor’s time and effort.
  • Small parcel solutions offer hands-free picking and packing, and hassle-free shipping without leaving the WMS.

Complete Visibility

Provide customers and staff with accurate and real-time information into every order, item, location and shipment in the warehouse. Offer your customers peace of mind with granular-level tracking, save time from sending inventory information, and set your 3PL apart from the competition so you can attract and retain large customers.

  • Offer standard and customizable reports for your customers and warehouse.
  • Provide customers with automatic email notifications of key warehouse events.
  • Deliver complete visibility with permission-based web portal for customers and staff.

Serve Your Customers

Build a 3PL that customers love. Let us handle the technology so you can focus on delivering excellent service for your customers whatever, wherever, and however they sell. Provide your customers with all the tools they need to grow, so you can grow and scale together.

  • Get customers up and running quickly with pre-built integrations to systems they’re already using.
  • Help your customers make better business decisions with inventory-driven data and custom reporting.
  • Gain access to unlimited 3PL Central Support to provide you and your customers with expert help and best practices.