3PL Warehouse Manager Cloud-Based WMS

We understand the challenges facing third-party logistics providers today.

  • Multiple customers, each with different practices, processes and billing schedules.
  • Ever-growing customer demands for real-time information.
  • Need for EDI, barcode scanning and other technology-based solutions to increase warehouse efficiency

3PL Central provides easy-to-use, Cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS), helping warehouses run more efficiently, grow their business and satisfy customers − all for less than $500 per month per warehouse. Begin your free 30 day trial today!

  • Satisfy your customer’s need for real-time information.
  • Increase profits through process automation.
  • Bill accurately and put an end to under-billing!
  • Provide the advanced services your customers demand.

Not an off-the-shelf warehouse management solution, 3PL Warehouse Manager was built specifically for the way 3PLs’ work. The advantages of a purpose-built warehouse management system are clear:

  • Intuitive design and 3PL-focused WMS features
  • Pay for what you use with no multi-year contracts
  • Add and inactivate customers and warehouses on the fly.
  • Fully customizable with your company’s logo.

In addition, 3PL’s Warehouse Manager is an on-demand Cloud-based solution with no software to install, maintain, or update. This keeps your IT overhead to a minimum, and means that your data is accessibly globally – from any PC connected to the Internet.


    As my customer base has expanded and my operations have grown, 3PL Warehouse Manager™ has allowed me to easily service new business without enduring lengthy and costly installations. The 3PL Warehouse Manager™ pricing model allows me to pay for only the features that my customers require.

Ted McDonald, General Manager, Trident Companies. Customer since: October 2006

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